Thursday, November 22, 2012

13 Year Old Rohingya Girl Being Raped By Nasaka, Maung Daw

        A Rohingya girl was taken into the Nasaka camp of Zaw Matet village tract by Nasakas while she was coming back home after selling fire-woods in the Zaw Matet market.
        “On 22nd Nov 2012, at 10:20AM, Nasakas from Zamatet Nasaka camp captured a 13 year old Rohingya girl known as Nur Bi Bi d/o Hansu hailed from Du-Thandar village tract of Maung Daw who was coming back home from Zaw Matet market after selling fire-wood.  No one is allowed to go there to ask them to release her. The girl has not been released yet” said an eye witness who doesn’t want to be named.
           “Like wise many Rohingya girls were taken to the camp, tortured, raped. Some of them were released while some others were even killed. So, without any doubt I can say that she will be released or may be killed after being raped” he added.
           The local authorities are using Rohingyas as animals as though they have no right to live in the word. After the historic and remarkable speech of Obama, Rakhines with the help of Nasaka set fire on more than 10 houses of Rohingyas in Hintha Ya village of Zaw Matet, Maung Daw. Then Nasakas are torturing the Rohingyas (whose houses were burnt down) and making them to sign to confess that the houses were burnt by themselves.

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