Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A New Wave Of Buddhist Massacre In Myanmar, Maung Daw

        Last Friday, May 3, 2013, the Rohingya elders and religious intelligent were strongly threatened in several meetings summoned by high-ranking officials from Military department. ''Any of the information about the absence of any of you from respective area during these days, and any of the attempt against the government as well as the involvement in the newly 'jihad' reportedly being organized in Bangladesh, will be liable to be shot death, so beware!

Innocent Religeo Escaped From Death, Maung Daw

        Fakira Bazar, MDW North: Molvi Noor Mohammed 49 s/o Sultan Ahmad had supposedly fled the country to escape from possible death sentence by the Burmese racist authority. For this possible penalty, no reason has yet been ascertained. Reportedly due to his alleged involvement in Rohingya political parties in Bangladesh.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear World!!!

·         Dear world!
Having several huge eyes
Why do you pretend as innate blind?
For Burmese government and Buddhist people
How easy to oppress and deport
The Arakan bona fide people
As Rohingya is historically native
Ill tyrants enacted a ‘1982 Dutch-law’
And to day no one likes to reform at all
So we’re still in genocide and exile
Burmese forces kill not us with ax
They kill us with needle
Buddhist people let not us enjoy with ours
They want to eliminate Muslims in profound schemes
But allegations take place first upon Muslims
Yet we are in the brink of such of plight
Where the death comes before our liberation
And reward arrives before our imagination
No ethnic in any history has been faced like Arakan Muslims
So, Rohingyas are regarded as the most multipersecuted ethnic!