Monday, November 12, 2012

Reciprocal Firing Between Myanmar Military And Unknown Arm Force, Maung Daw

           An unusual reciprocal firing between Myanmar force and an unknown arm group occurred in Maung Daw north at night until 9:00AM the next day in the morning.
           According to the villagers who stay closed to the area, on 11th of Nov 2012  a reciprocal firing between Myanmar Army and an unknown arm force took place (8:00PM- the next day 9:00AM) in the area between mile post no: 52 and 53 of boarder fence, Nasaka sector (1), Maung Daw north.
           “We believe that the unknown arm group may be of Rakhines too because the authority recently has arrested 17 Rakhines from an arm group which attacked on GE (Governmental Engineer) employees on 7th of Nov where one was killed and three others are still missing and also in Rakhine village of Tha Man Tharr village tract, Maung Daw north, every household has got guns as three Rakhines leaders Maung Phyu, Maung Hla Kyaw (brother of Police Thein Kyaw) and village administrator distributed to the households” said a local eye witness from Tha Man Tharr on condition of anonymity.
           A biased reporter for BBC-Burmese radio called Khine Myat Kyaw(Rakhine) reported to the BBC-Burmese service as the recent attack on GE employees was by RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) on that day though he surely knows that RSO has been disbanded years ago while the national radio announced that the group was anonymous. In fact, the authority has arrested 17 of the group and we will know it sooner or later whether the group is RSO or ALP or else.

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