Monday, January 28, 2013

Two Rohingyas Arrested and Extorted on False Charge

On 25th of January,  40 years oldShohar Ali sone of Abdul Mabud and his 43 years old uncle Noor Mohammad were held by head of NaSaKa region -2 ( Kamaung Theit) falsely alleging that they fed the robbers who on January 17th, had been attacked and robbed two Rohingya villages at around 12pm to 1:30am. As a matter of fact the nearby NaSaKa regional sub camp-5 (Nayan Chaung ) of region-2 had been scrammed out by the crowded villagers for help and armed defense but none gotten out of the camp to help the villagers rather three Rohingya elders whose home has been mainly robbed had been severely  tortured the following day and release after extorting a huge amount of money by the commander of the said camp.

64 Rohingya Families Being Stopped from Participating Census Check Up

64 Rohingya families in Mumir Khali (Lett Ya) who initially denied the computerized bangalisation operation, had not been allowed to participate in the census check up process (carried out by Immigration Department twice a year). However, on 25th of Januarym, they were summoned by Bomo Aung Myo Zaw Tey, lieutenant commander of regional NaSaKa camp-4 Kumir Khali and after they arrived the camp, the girls and the womaen are segregated and the whole day they were forced to round up the compound on bare foot and and subjected to sexual abuses .. Meanwhile young boys and men were treated with inhuman hostility. Finally in the evening, they all were set free except Ma Sayed Alam s/o Amir Hamza (42 yrs ) who was detained after handcuffed by six NaSaKa personnel.  Mv Hashim (director of Kumir Khali Jamiah Madrasa) is about reportedly delisted from the census accusing that he organized the people not to support the operation of bangalisation.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Intolerable Extortion of Money by NaSaKa

Yesterday Saya Oo Zi Tun Sin, General staff of NaSaKa region-2, Kamaung Theit (Fakira Bazar) arrested a 35 years ols Rohingya local oil-seller named Jamal son of Adul Mabud  and aetorted 300,000 Kyats simply because the staff found a container with 40 Kg kerosene at his home with which  the poor Rohingya earns a meager income by selling it to the villagers to look after his six family members.The NaSaKa staffs are well trained on how to extort money from Rohingyas. It is also learned that everyday the said  staff target 2 to 3 Rohingya household and extort a huge amount of money on the pretext of non-permitted house construction although these houses had been built 20 year ago or before the NaSaKa existence.   

Continued Attempt of Banglisation of the Rohingyas Cmmunity by NaSaKa

There are nearly one hundred Rohingya family residents in Ban Do Hla village at near northern Bangladesh – Burma Border under NaSaKa region  No 1 Aung Tha Byie. Of them, at least  30 families had been forcibly Bangalised by the authority with so called computerized operation and took them in a no entry no exit place meanwhile many families fled to other side of the border.

Unnamed Robbers Robbed Rohingyas in Border Area

On Thursday,17th January, two Rohingya villagers had been attacked and robbed at between 12pm and 1:0am by a number of armed robbers emerged from Burma-Bangladesh Border. Though the nearby NaSaKa regional sub camp-5 (Nayan Chaung) of Region-2 (Kamaung Thit) was screamed out by the crowded villagers for help and armed defense, non got out of the camp to help the villagers, rather three Rohingya elders whose homes had been the object of jewelry and  pecuniary lost, were summoned the following day and forced to be extorted money by the commander of the said camp. The three victims are
1.       Mohhammed  son of Nazir Hussein  from Riyazuddin Para under Thit Tonna Quassoung Village Tract
2.       Ziyaur Rahman son of  [?? ] from Manziri under Nayan Chaung  Village Tract
3.       Iliyas (Ex VPDC Chairman) son of [??] from Manziri under Nayan Chaung Village Tract

Saturday, January 19, 2013

6 Millions Kyats Extorted by NaSaKa Lieutenant Commander -Maungdaw

On  January 13th, at least 10 NaSaKa personals led by Bomu Win Lyin, a lietitant commander of NaSaKa Camp-5, Ngakura made a raid on a dwelling in Nhakura belonged to 53 years old Md Hussain son of Akthar Kamal under pretext of investigation of illicit  drug ( Yaba ). They then arrested him after by themselves deliberately inserted some narcotic drug into the cupboard in hi home. He had been placed under detention until the Lieutenant  Commander  reached hi final destination of extorting 6,000,000 Kyats.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rohingya Cleric extorted-Maungdaw

On 13th January , 2013 at around 11am, a 30 years old cleric Mv Noor Ahmed, son of Md Shafi hailed from Mya Zan Kona, Sin Gri Para ( Laung Doon) village track, northern Maungdaw went to buy daily goods from the market of downtown . On returning  from market he was arrested by Saya Myint, a two star ranking police officer and  head of Township  Anti-Human Trafficking Department, Maungdaw baselessly accusing him as human trafficker.

He was threatened to face harsh punishment if fail to bribe the officer 800,000 Kyats but later the cleric was released after bribing 400,000 Kyats.

Huge Amount of Money Extortion Occurred –Maungdaw

The extortion of money from Arakanese Rohingya by Myanmar Governmental Personals especially NaSaKa ( Boder Security Force) and Police Force is wide spreading day by day, usually with false accusation.  According to one of our correspondents,  3.8 millions Kyats has been extorted from four Rohingyas detainees  in Ngakura of Maungdaw Township , Arakan State by NaSaKa personals of the said Area.
A team of 30 NaSaKas lead by a Lieutanant Commander  Win Laing belonging  to NaSaKa outpost Area No. 5 raided Keari Farang Market ( Kyet Yoo Pyin Market) on 2nd January,2013 at around 8:30pm. It has been reported that millions Kyats  worth properties of Rohingya shopkeepers  had  been damaged and looted during the raid by NaSaKas. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Market Looted And Innocents Arrested By Nasakas, Maung Daw

      On Friday, Jan12,2013, at 8:30PM, thirty Nasakas led by Win Hlaing (lieutenant commander of regional Nasaka camp no-5 Ngakura village tract) raided on a market in Kyet Yoe Pyin (Keari Farang) village tract of Maung Daw north. They then, started looting the Rohingya shops; goods worth millions of kyats have been reportedly taken away with no payment and compensation. In addition, innocent Rohingyas found watching over their shops (most of them teenagers) were also dictatorially arrested and severely tortured that some got intense head injuries meanwhile many other were threatened to arrest.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rohingyas Arrested For Not Participating Census Process, Maung Daw

      On 4th Jan 2013, at night, Nasakas from Nasaka sector no 8 arrested five Rohingyas for not participating to their process of Bengalising all the Rohingyas in Myint Hlut village tract.
      On 4th Jan 2013, at night 11:00PM, Nasakas (Boader Security Forces) rushed into Myint Hlut village tract where they entered into nearly 100 Rohingyas’ houses to arrest the Rohingyas who did not participate Nasakas’ so called census-check up process (Bengalization). Five Rohingyas, [1] Soyodul Islam s/o Nozir Hussein(45Yr), [2] Hussein Ahmed s/o Jalal(55Yr), [3] Er Shad Ullah s/o Zofor(60Yr), [4] Abul Kalam s/o Shaker Mohamed(25Yr) and [5] Yusuf s/o Jalal(25Yr) were arrested while most of them ran away. They were tortured brutally and are still in their custody. They are reportedly going to be sentenced for 6 months imprisonment under the charge of not obeying the order of government.

Rohingyas Having Horrific And Sleepless Nights, Maung Daw

      On 7th Jan 2013, in Aung Sit Pyin village tract, a Rohingya was arrested and extorted 300,000Ks by a general staff accompanaied by other six NaSaKas simply because his 22 year old son had fleed to India.
      In the dead of the night of 7th January 2013, Hala Meah s/o Abdu Shukkur hails from Rida, Aung Sit Pyin (Dom Bhai) village tract of northern Kyein Chaung (Boli Bazar) village tract was arrested by a general staff, Aung Than Zaw accompanied by six NaSaKas of regional subcamp no-24 in Kyein Chaung (Boli Bazar) on the pretext that his 22 year old son had fleed to India.
      Though he was handcuffed and intimidated into extortion, no other physical torture was reported. However after 12 hours of detention, he was extricated extorthing 300,000Ks. "Now we can't sleep at night for the fear of being arrested by NaSaKas because every night they (the general staff and other NaSaKas) rampage through the surrounding villages (Boli Bazar, Dom Bai ...ect) of the said camp-24, then they make a raid on every targetted Rohingya houses and brutal persecution, hefty money extortion and mass arrest of poor-spirited Rohingyas (without ever once being convicted of any crime) have been usually carried out by them" said an scholar from Aung Sit Pyin (Dom Bhai) on the condition of anonymity.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Nsaka Commander Extorted About 30 Millions, Maung Daw

Bogyi Wi Myo Pyain, commander and head of NaSaKa camp based no-24 Kyein Chaung village tract (Boli Bazar),under region-4 has been looking for Hafez-Nurul Haque s/o Md Husain aged 39 hailed from Kyein Chaung village tract since three months over the false accusation that he uses Bangladeshi mobile phone. However, as he refrained getting out, he had not been caught. But when he came out yesterday to participate in census check-up process (carried out by Na-Sa-Ka twice a year which is a must for Rohingyas only, unless they will be delisted from the census), coincidentally he was arrested by the Na-Sa-Kas lead by the above mentioned officer and placed under detention cell till they succeeded to extort 350000Ks from this poor victim.

Village Wacth Men Tortured And Extorted, Maung Daw

On 8th Jan 2013, in Kyauk Chaung village tract, three Nasakas from coast guard camp of the said village arrested four Rohingyas who were watching for nothing and tortured mercilessly. At the end extorted 15000Ks.
Last night on 8th Jan 2013, four Rohingya elders;

Latest News Of The Census Check-Up Process(Bengalizing), Maung Daw

The check-up process of the family census (i.e:to enlist and delist of the Rohingya that is carried out by NaSaKa department twice a year) is kicked off in Arakan. In this check-up operation;
               [1] Per family is extorted 1000-2000Ks.
               [2]If new born is to be enlisted, it cost 10-20 thousands Ks.
               [3] To transfer a bride including to enlist her into the bridegroom's family census                                          would cost 150000-200000Ks.
               [4] If three babies in a family census remain unlisted because of the shortage of money, they would not be enlisted even costly, rather will be black listed. This check-up process was basically denied by Rohingya because it did include the so-called Bengalisation operation. However, NaSaKas led by regional commanders had threatened them of confiscation of ownership, mass arrest and forcible deportation.

Authority Prohibits Funeral Prayer, Maung Daw

In Zedi Pyin village of Shwe Zarr village tract, NaSaKas are looking for an Imam (Cleric) to arrest because he lead a funeral prayer for a Rohingya who died at the age of 73. Now he is hiding for the fear of arbitrary arrest. Since 8th June 2012, Rohingyas are not allowed to gather for funeral prayer.
Abu Zakir, a retired teacher (73Yr) hailed from Zedi Pyin hamlet of Shwe Zarr village tract passed away (died) on 5th Jan 2013. The Janaza salaat of Thee was held at 8:30AM on that day, in front of the BEMS<ZDP>. Now, Nasakas (Boarder Security Forces) are searching for Imam who leaded the salaat to arrest. Nasaka(s) from camp-14 came at 2pm and they  tried to get the details about the Imam. They asked the name of Imam from many people, but no one told the name. Finally, they attacked Anowar,a shopkepper of near the Janaza square,for not telling the truth about the Imam. The searching is still going on...

Indirect Cosfiscation Of Rohingyas’ Possessions, Maung Daw

     On Sunday, 23rd and 25th Dec 2012, in Zeebin Chaung village tract, Lu Zaw Than, a commander and head of camp no 10 based in Leit Ya village of sector 4 arrest and extorted 870,000Ks from 9 Rohingyas over the allegation of buying a shrimp pond from a Rohingya who had to flee for the fear of arbitrary arrest.
Our source identified the arrested victims as follows :-
           (1)Mr. Md Rafique s/o Abul Hussein (41Yr) * 
           (2) Kabir Ahmed s/o Azizur Rahman (55Yr)
           (2) Ziyaur Rahman s/o Nurul Islam (32Yr)
           (4) Hf. Solim Ullah s/o Skandar (52Yr)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Attempts To Bengalise Rohingyas, Maung Daw

      On 3rd Jan 2013, in Leik Ya village tract of Taung Pyo Tsp(sub), Nasakas(Boarder Security Forces) gathered 14 elderly Rohingyas and forcibly took signitures of their own and did an agreement with them that they (the 14 Rohingyas) must organize all the villagers to sign on their forms(organized by Nasakas) to prove all Rohingyas as Bangalies.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Rohingya Fined 50,000Ks By Nasaka, Maung Daw

     On 30th Dec 2012 (Sunday), two drunken coastguard Rakhine Nasaka of Auk Pyuma (Hansarirbil) village tract-sub sentry camp under sector (5) while they were getting across the Atet Phyuma (Furma) creek (their legal boundary) by an engine boat had arbitrarily arrested a Rohingya, Md Ali s/o Abdur Rahman aged 52 hailed from Yedwing Pyin (Kuwarbil) accusing him falsely that he was gambling at cards but remarkably he was the only person there watching over a shrimp pond.

Hluntins Looted And Destroyed Rohingya’s House, Maung Daw

     On 29th Dec 2012, at 11:20PM, a temporary security group (Hluntins) settled in San Pya village of ward-4 entered into a house of Rohingya called Abu s/o Mohamed Zama breaking fence and doors where they looted all the food staffs and clothes including some money and destroyed other unmoveable things. In facts Abu’s family have been providing their (Hluntins) needs such as rice, water (fetching), latrine (to use) and food stuffs.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Authority Keeps Bengalising Rohingyas, Maung Daw

     In Leik Ya (Kuinr Hali) village tract, Taung Pyo (sub Tsp) of Maung Daw north, authority keeps forcibly Bengalizing the Rohingya community.
     On Dec 28th 2012, Jafarul Islam s/o Abu Bakr, the village admin of Leik Ya village tract was called out by NaSaKa commander of sector (5) and was forced to register(sign) by himself as Bengali. However, as he denied to do, he was kept sitting till 8:00PM.

Two Innocent Rohingyas Arrested By Nasakas, Maung Daw

     On Wednesday, 26th Dec 2012 at 1:00AM, in Maung Daw North, a village called “Nayafara” of Nga Sagyu (Nysafuru), four NaSaKas of sub security camp under NaSaKa regional camp no.5 in Ngakura has arbitrarily arrested two Rohingyas, Md Zakariya s/o Jafar aged 22 and NoorHamid s/o Abdus Salam aged 30 deliberately alleging that they use Bangladeshi mobile phone and the whole night they were severely tortured.

Militaries Robbed Eight Rohingyas’ Cows, Maung Daw

      On 25th Dec 2012, at 3:00PM, militaries temporiryly settled in Kaing Gyi village robbed 8 cows owned by a Rohingya, Nur Mohamed s/o Wali Ahmed from a tending-field of Du Thandar village tract.

Fire Wood Collector Killed By Rakhines, Maung Daw

     On 22nd Dec 2012, the Rohingyas, Abdul Amin s/o Soyod Hussein accompanied by two others hailed from Kan Kya Taung hamlet of Myo Thu Gyi viillage tract were attacked by Rakhines from ward-6 (known as “4-miles”) on the way to the nearest forest by the time they were going to the nearest forest to collect fire woods. Abdul Amin was captured while two others could escape. The villagers went to the forest to look for him where they found Abdul Amin’s clothes with blood.

Rohingya Extorted 300,000Ks By Nasakas, Maung Daw

     On 19th Dec 2012, Nasakas from sentry camp of Ye Myat Taung village tract arrested a Rohingya, Sadek s/o Kefayat Ullah hailed from U Kyien Cha alleging that he used Bangla phone. Then they released him extorting 300,000Ks.