Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Rohingya is fined 650,000 Kyats for No Reason

On the night of 1st February at arounf 9pm, Bogyi Wei Pyo Thet, a three star ranking head officer of NaSaKa regional sub camp-24 stationed in Kyien Chaung under the village tract of Bali Bazar, guarded by Aung Than Kyaw, a general staff and other NaSaKa personnel, raided on the home of Aby Tayub s/o Yunos(34 yrs) hailed from Kyien Chaung (Bali Bazar), under the pretext of criminal investigation while they really wanted to extort money on any fabricated or alleged charge. Though they tried to enter the home and arrested Abu Tayub, they failed and return empty handed. However, he on the following day, had to pay them 650,000 Kyats in order to escape from any further undesired move by the authority.

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