Monday, September 30, 2013

Confiscation of Rohingyas’ Farm Land, Maung Daw

There is a farm land of Rohingyas between Nurulla village and Du-Chii Rar Den village tract which was 590 acres wide that is the only main income source of the two villagers living nearby. In 2008 the authorities confiscated 470 acres of the land and it was given away to NaTaLa model villagers. In 2012 the government confiscated 20 more acres for the model villagers again.

Rohingya Killed In Central Jail, Maung Daw

A 65 years old Rohingya, Yunose @ Baityar s/o Kuilliya Meya from Nurulla village of Bagona village tract who was arrested with 23 other Rohingyas after the June riot and was sent to Buthidaung Central Jail. On 22nd of September 2013 at 1:00AM in the jail, an in-charged policeman shouted using rude words at him while he was telling about his illness to another prisoner next to him.

Money Extorting By Police, Maung Daw

Abdul Kader s/o Sharu Hussein is a human trafficker of Padinn village tract in Maung Daw who tried to send six Rohingyas from Padinn village tract to Malaysia under the agreement of 500,000KS per head from which 200,000Ks was taken already and the remaining was told to have been given after reaching the target seven years ago. But while they were going by sea with other people, all the people on the boat including these six people were arrested on the way in Srilanka before reaching their target.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


·         Ya Allah …
May be it’s the time for Jesus Christ to land!
Cos the age becomes full of brutalities
How can a president kill bona-fide citizens!
How can a religion deteriorate another!
How cannot a body rescue a victim!
·         Ya Allah …