Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hypocracy and Greedyness of High Level NaSaKas

On March 16, Md Islam 32 , son of Yaar Mohammed from Zee Byin Chaung ( jemaungkhali) had been arbitrary arrested by Luo Zaw Tet, a three star ranking commander of NaSaKa region (4) Lett Ya ( kumir khali). He was arrested at about 3:0pm when he was telephoning with a regionally legalized Bangladeshi mobile phone. Nearly 600 Bangladeshi mobile phone had been distributed by the said commander on 10000 kyat each to the villagers of NaSaKa region (4). 

After the victim was inhumanly tortured, he was demanded 500,000 kyats, an amount that his guardian could not afford. So he is still in detention.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Innocents Are Yet Under Extortion Of 20 Milions

Mohammed Shofiq 40, s/o late Rohul Amin is still under detention cell in the Nasaka region (5),Ngakura.He had been arbitrarily arrested about 25 days ago by the Nasaka Commander of this region on the pretext of criminal investigation that he was falsely and discriminately alleged by some local Rakhine to be indirectly involved in the last month's incident when a Rakhine in YuwaThit vt of Ngakura was shot death and another one injured by the gunfire of an unidentified group.After this incident there had been nothing in the nearby Rohingya villages but rape,torture,loot and mass arbitrary arrest of innocent Rohingyas including women & children as young as 8-15 in the villages of Attet Phyuma [Furma], Du-dan [Ludaing] and Ngasa Gyu [Naisafuru].
      These atrocities were systematically carried out by the joined armed force of Military, Nasaka and Police including SARAPA (Military Intelligent) under the direct command of Chief Commander of Border Immigration Head Quarter [BIHQ] located in Gyi Ken Pyin (Hawarbil), Maungdaw. According to local report, although Md Shofiq was proved to be innocent, now is believed to be squeezed to extract 10-20 million Kyats an amount he can't afford unless his total ownership would be sold.

Racial Segregation During The 2013 Matriculation Final Examination

      During the final matriculation examination that is being held since 13rd March this year, the Rohingya examinees in the examination board of Maungdaw, Buthidaung & Bali Bazar were racially seperated from those who themselves feel superiority to be of Rakhines. to sit for the exam seperately  in different rooms and all the Rakhine teachers are providing note papers to Rakhine examinees  secretly. 
      Notably this is a central examination annually held by the Board of Ministry of education. Although Rakhine students as of now, were discriminately provided assistances of their so-called examiners (Rakhines+Burman) in the examination hall with every possible method, Rohingyas in the past used to joinly participate in this regardless of race and religion. 
      But as a matter of grave concern, the State government seems to be matrializing the aparthied policy as the discrimination turned into segregation.

Legal Fishing Permit Doesn’t Work

      On 9th March at 4 PM, a 53 years old Rohingya named Ruhul Amin s/o Aminullah hailed from Auk Phyuma (Hansarirbil) was shot with a catapult by a rampant Nasaka of outpost camp of region (5) Ngakura. That was when he was fishing in Ngakura creek with a small rowing boat. Remarkably he had a permit book, costs 5000Ks which is forcibly distributed per month by the captain of the said region to every Rohingya fisherman.
      As a matter of misfortune, since the government sponsored preplanned attack on a Rakhine home in Ngakura, Rohingya in this region whose live-li-hood depends on fishery, has soon languished in starvation due to unbearable money extortion, taking the valuable fishes with no payment, and frequent torture by Nasakas for no reason. The NaSaKas can do whatever they want, they force the Rohingyas to buy fishing permit as though it is essential but on the other hand the permit becomes useless to protect extortion if NaSaKas want to extort.

Friday, March 15, 2013

People Who Are Stateless Are Without World

      A nation …
Since many centuries
Has been settled in Arakan
For being Muslims minority
Let not live on ancestral land
Let not achieve birth rights
Has been under multi-persecution and abuse
And still in exile
Ah! What apartheid!
No leader advocates about citizenship
Is Myanmar without loyalist?

      A nation …
Since many decades