Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Arbitrary Arrest And Merciless Torture, Maung Daw

          Yestarday at about 11:10pm, the Nasaka Commander of Region (5) Bomo Than Sai Aung, accompanied by 18 Nasaka personals and village admin of Auk Phyuma (Hansarirbil) village tract, named U Ba San, raided on Koddon (locally known as Kuduk Khali) village of Atet Phyuma (Furma) village tract. They basically entered the village from west side of arable land no usual road is available that was thought to be making the people unconscious of their arrival.

Authorities Make Rohingyas Scapegoat, Maung Daw

          Than Than Oo, a two star ranking police officer on 19th April launched a mass arrest in Aung Saik Pyin (called Reeda by Rohingya) and Kyien Chaung (known as BaliBazar) village tracts. After the victims were being subjected to inhumane torture in the police custody, nine of them were released extorting 2640000Ks.

The victims were identified as follows:

Monday, April 15, 2013

Combined House Set Ablaze By Rakhines, Maung Daw

On 14th April 2013, a Rakhine group from a NaTaLa village, Khinn Chaung in Du-Chi Raden village tract set ablaze a combined house of two Rohingya families in a nearby village of the same village tract at about 9:45PM.
A combined house of Two Rohingya brothers Gura Meya and Rahmed Ullah sons of Soyodur Rahman in Morongor Deil hamlet of Du-Chii Ra Den village tract was set ablaze by a group of Rakhines from a nearby village, Khinn Chaung(model village) of the same village tract at about 9:45PM. The next day in the morning a NaSaKa officer from Min Gyi Chaung Camp came to the area and investigated a woman from the burnt house when she stated that it was done by Rakhines from the Khinn Chaung village but no action taken yet against them.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My 21st Birthday(3rd April)

1.    Every one in the world
Whose birthday’s today
Inviting all friends
Holding legendary parties
Cutting the cake
Parents are feeding
Friends are wishing
‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ melodiously
Enjoying it cheerfully
And ending auspiciously….

2.    But, I (a Rohingya) have