Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Money Extortion by Nasaka Vice Corporal

Kyaw Htay was a policeman from 1998 to 2008 in Kyien Chaung village tract. He was converted into Hluntin because of the complaints of the villagers as used to do violence, do arbitrary arrest, do money extortion, etc. on Rohingyas. But he worked for Nasaka camp 24 of sector(4) free of charge instead of carrying the duty of Hluntin. Later he became a Nasaka vice corporal. As he has long experience of Kyien Chaung, he knows to create various ways to extort money from Rohingyas.
From Oct 1 to Nov 6 of 2012, Kyaw Htay, a Nasaka from camp no: 10 of Nasaka sector(4) has been extorting money from most of the Kyien Chaung villagers with the wrong suspect of using Bangla mobile phone.
Sr.    Name                 Father                        Hamlet               Extortion money
1.    Ismail               S/o     Abdu Sawlam           Middle           400,000Ks
2.    Nur Juhar          S/o     Abdu Gofur              Middle           400,000Ks
3.    Edris                 S/o     Nagu                                          70,000Ks
4.    Robiullah           S/o     Shukkur                  North            500,000Ks
5.    Mv Osman        S/o     Dudu Meya              Middle           100,000Ks
6.    Rafique             S/o     Nozir Hussein           North            500,000Ks
7.    Halaboda          S/o     Roshid                    Middle           350,000Ks
8.    Zofor                S/o     Wali Bokshu                                70,000Ks(50,000Ks+a blanket(20,000Ks))

Ibrahim@carpenter buillya S/o Nur Mohamed was arrested and put in the Nasaka custody as could not fulfill their demand of 500,000Ks.

On 5th of Nov 2012, at 9:00PM, Nur Alom (USDP campaigner) S/o Mohamed Husson hailed from Kyien Chaung was tied with chain and tortured brutally, then taken to the camp no: 14 of Nasaka sector (4) by Nasakas U Kyaw Htay(vice corporal) and other four persons from general staffs office. He doesn’t know why he was arrested. According to a relative of him, he was released at 1:00AM at night. He was reportedly released by 50 lakh Ks but it has not been confirmed yet.

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