Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Police Extorting From Rohingyas Using Their Collaborators, Maung Daw

           Polices in Maung Daw are persecuting Rohingyas using their adopted collaborators (informers) such as extorting large amount of money and golds threatening them by various ways.
           There are four collaborators in Ward-2. Among them Maabu s/o Mohamed Amin, Pappu s/o Mohammed work for Hla Myint and Feroz Khan s/o Basa Meya and Goni s/o (?) work for Aung Kyaw Khant.
           The four police collaborators hailed from Ward-2 work for the Polices Hla Myint (3-sticks) and Aung Kyaw Khant (1-star) as informers. The collaborators and the Polices are extorting large amount of money including golds from almost all the Rohingyas living in Ward-2 negotiating with the Ward-2 administrator Mojiullah s/o Gura Meya.

           The informers are paid money by the Polices when they inform no matter it is right or wrong information. And then, they arrest and release after extorting money.
           Some of the Rohingyas whom were extorted (Money & Golds) by the wrong information of police informers are as follows;
(1)         Abdur Rohim                  s/o        Abdu Kolil
(2)         Hasson                          s/o        Edris
(3)         Abu Bakkar Siddik          s/o        Lal Meya
(4)         Ayub                             s/o        Mustafa
(5)         Abdul Malek                   s/o        Abul Kasim
(6)         Kamal Uddin                  s/o        Ojiullah
(7)         Zokoria                         s/o        ?
(8)         Mohamed Reyad            s/o        Lal Mohamed
(9)         Junaid                           s/o        Mustafa
(10)Mohamed Rofique    s/o        Kabir
(11)Nur Jahan                d/o       Nur Khan
(12)Halima                                d/o       Dr. Kamal
(13)Rofique                               s/o        Bodiur Rahman
(14)Anuwar Sadek                     s/o        Mohamed Ullah

           Police has no sympathy on the Rohingyas whom informed about by the infomers even if they are poors, they are tortured as they cannot afford fulfilling their demand. So many families had to flee to abroad. So many Rohingya families had to flee to abroad for the fear of arbitrary arrest.

           Like wise, almost all the Rohingyas across Arkan state are being persecuted by the authorities such as Nasaka, Hluntin, Police, Military, etc with the help of their collaborators. Therefore, Rohingyas are fleeing day by day from different boarder areas where there are Nasaka camps located. About 300 Rohingyas by two fully loaded boats departed from Alay Than Kyaw village tract of Maung Daw on 26th Nov 2012. In Maung Daw town ship, Nasakas are giving permission to the Rohingyas to flee to abroad by taking money 100,000Ks per head.

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