Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rakhines Attacked On Militaries, Kyauk Taw Tsp

           On 20th Nov 2012, at 10PM Rakhines from Kyauk Taw downtown attacked the army from Ka La Ya number 378 which temporarily politioned in Kyauk Taw there they killed one military and 2 others were injured.
           “On 20th Nov 2012, at 10PM, Rakhines from Kyauk Taw downtown with full of weapons went to a Rohingya village called Paik Seik to attack the Rohingyas as they became angry on the speech of US president Barak Obama who used the word ROHINGYA. At that time, when the security personells from the above mentioned army tried to prevent the Rakhines, the angry Rakhines attacked on them where one military was killed and 2 others were injured. Now the injured militaries are taking treatment in Kyauk Taw hospital” said a Kyauk Taw resident.
           On 21st Nov 2012, the battalion commander of Ka La Ya 378 came to the Rohingya village and met with the villagers where he said that his militaries were attacked by the Rakhines due to what they tried to prevent them from attacking the Rohingyas. When the villagers asked him why the militaries did not respond? He replied that they did not get permission from higher officials (Nay Pyi Taw).
           For Rakhines, even if they attack on militaries the militaries need permission from higher officials to respond but the militaries do not need any permission even to kill the innocent Rohingyas for nothing.

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