Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rakhines Set Fire To Challenge On Obama’s Speech, Maung Daw

        On 19th Nov 2012, a group of Rakhine set fire on a neighboring Rohingya village showing dissatisfaction on the speech of President Barak Obama. There 10 houses have been burnt down and others are still burning.
           According to a reliable source, on 19th Nov 2012 at 8:00PM, in Zaw Matet vilage tract, Maung Daw south, a group with more than 50 Rakhines from Kaing Kyi village set fire on a Rohingya village called Hin Thaya shouting “CALL YOUR OBAMA???” again and again. In the village, there are more than 40 households. Among them, 10 houses have been burnt down and others are still burning.

           “The village is closed to the Rakhines’ village and a Nasaka camp. The Nasakas in the camp were standing without preventing them while the Rakhine group was setting fire on Rohingyas’ houses one by one. When we (Rohingyas) tried to set the fire off, the Nasakas shot their guns more than 100 times at us so that we cannot set it off and then we had to escape to other villages leaving our blazing village. Rakhines have permission to set fire freely on our houses while we have not right even to set off the fire on our own houses” the villagers said.
           This is because of the speech of the president Barak Obama which was given in the convocation Hall of Yangon University. Where, the president used the word “Rohingya” and other relevant facts. Rakhines are not satisfied with his speech. That’s why they are showing their abilities saying “what can Obama do?”.

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