Monday, November 5, 2012

Three Rohingya Fishing boys were arrested by Nasaka

-->On 5th of Nov, at 6:00AM, three fisher boys, Hussein Ahmed S/o Dil Mohamed(20Yr), Umar Sadek S/o Dil Mohamed(8Yr) and Ekram S/o Mustak Ahmed(8Yr) from Maung Ni village tract were arbitrarily arrested by the Nasakas from Pan Daw Pyin bridge-check post while they are fishing in the creek runs between Pan Daw Pyin and Myoma Kayin Tan villages. After arresting them, Nasakas informed to their families. When the family asked the Nasaka that “Why did you arrest them though they have got legal license for fishing? The Nasakas told big lies that they were arrested at night, 3:00AM (during curfew time 10PM-4AM). But in reality, the fishermen were fishing at 6:00AM. Then they were released by extortion money of 100,000Ks at 9:00AM according to an eyewitness. The Nasakas often do such things such as, snatching vegetables, rice, fish, firewood, etc from poor daily sellers passes by.

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