Friday, December 7, 2012

Nasakas Set Fire On A Market, Maung Daw

         On 5th Dec 2012, at 8:00PM, more than 30 Nasakas(boarder security forces) from Nasaka camp no: 15 of sector (7) went to Bagone Na village tract, Maung Daw where they arrested a Rohingya called Fir Mohamed s/o Mohamed Yunose(28Yr). As the Nasakas were torturing severely, he shouted for help and the villagers came out after hearing his shouting and then the Naskas ran away shooting their guns up to the sky. When the Nasakas reached a market owned by a Rohingya, Yahya s/o Abdul Jabbaar (Chowdary) during their running, they set fire on the market to show dissatisfaction that they had to release the Rohingya. The villagers could set the fire off after one fish selling hostel has been being burnt down.

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