Sunday, January 20, 2013

Intolerable Extortion of Money by NaSaKa

Yesterday Saya Oo Zi Tun Sin, General staff of NaSaKa region-2, Kamaung Theit (Fakira Bazar) arrested a 35 years ols Rohingya local oil-seller named Jamal son of Adul Mabud  and aetorted 300,000 Kyats simply because the staff found a container with 40 Kg kerosene at his home with which  the poor Rohingya earns a meager income by selling it to the villagers to look after his six family members.The NaSaKa staffs are well trained on how to extort money from Rohingyas. It is also learned that everyday the said  staff target 2 to 3 Rohingya household and extort a huge amount of money on the pretext of non-permitted house construction although these houses had been built 20 year ago or before the NaSaKa existence.   

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