Sunday, January 20, 2013

Unnamed Robbers Robbed Rohingyas in Border Area

On Thursday,17th January, two Rohingya villagers had been attacked and robbed at between 12pm and 1:0am by a number of armed robbers emerged from Burma-Bangladesh Border. Though the nearby NaSaKa regional sub camp-5 (Nayan Chaung) of Region-2 (Kamaung Thit) was screamed out by the crowded villagers for help and armed defense, non got out of the camp to help the villagers, rather three Rohingya elders whose homes had been the object of jewelry and  pecuniary lost, were summoned the following day and forced to be extorted money by the commander of the said camp. The three victims are
1.       Mohhammed  son of Nazir Hussein  from Riyazuddin Para under Thit Tonna Quassoung Village Tract
2.       Ziyaur Rahman son of  [?? ] from Manziri under Nayan Chaung  Village Tract
3.       Iliyas (Ex VPDC Chairman) son of [??] from Manziri under Nayan Chaung Village Tract

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