Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NaSaKa Raped Rohingya Girls including Minors in Maungdaw

On 12:30 am of 19th February,  a mass rape of Rohingya innocent girls including minors was committed by 19  Burmese Border Security Force(NaSaKa) in Du-Den  village tract in Maungdaw north.  The NaSaKas came at the pretext of searching for the murderers of a Rakhine man from near by Myo Theik Village tract, who was murdered by unknown criminals wearing uniform of NaSaKas, thought to be members of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) last week.
So far, our source was able to confirm 9 Rohingya girls who were victimized but still the exact number of raped victims is needed to be confirmed as many Rohingya women and girls do not share this kind of sexual assault as its harm their modesty.
The name of the confirmed rape victims are –

SI          Name               Father's Name          Age             Remark
1 . Sanuara Begum          Lal Mohammed                  19                  Married / Critical cond
2.  Anuwara Begum         Lal Mohammed                  15                  Single  / Sister of No.1
3.  Momtaz                     Korim Ullah                        20                  Married
4.  Wajida                      Korim Ullah                        16                  Single/ Sister of No.3
5.  Bokia                        Fokir Ahmed                       20                  Single
6. Monuara Begum         Jafar Ahmed                        24                  Married
7. Jasmin                      Jafar Ahmed                        16                  Single/ Sister of No.6
8. Sanuara                    Rahmat Ullah(Husband)       19                
9. Ferdus                      Mohammed Naseem              20

According to the relatives of the victims, some of the girls were assaulted in front of their family members.

Today(19th Feb) at noon, five villagers from Du-Den village track were on their way to NaSaKa camp to file a complain against those rapist NaSaKas,by crossing Ngakura village tract. On hearing the news, the rapists blocked the villagers at NgaKura, of them one was a NGO worker. Later they released two of them including the said NGO worker but three other villagers were taken to custody.

Last week, a Rakhine was murdered and three others were injuired by unknown criminals whom villagers thought to be member of ALP, a Rakhine separatist arm group mean to increase harassment of friendless Rohingya community. NaSaKa arrested many innocent Rohingyas on false allegation accusing them to be part of the murder case.
One day NaSaKa arrest a group of Rohingyas and on other day, they release them after taking a huge bribe. Today, 22 Rohingya men were released after taking 1,500,000 Kyats per head. In this way, the properties of Rohingyas are shrinking day by day where as the NaSaKas are enjoying with a luxurious life style and using Rohingya innocent girls as an object of short term entertainment. 

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