Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Arakan Reports: Rohingyas’ Shops Catch Fire, A Rohingya Killed by Security Force

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar
October 30, 2013
1- Rohingyas’ Shops in Kyein Chaung Catch Fire
The shops owned by Rohingyas at the market of the village of Bawli Bazaar (Kyein Chaung) in northern Maung Daw started to catch fire at about 12PM on 29th October 2013. The fire was put out around 2AM on 30th October 2013. During approximately three hours of buring, half of the numbers of the shops in the market turned into ashes, while other halves got damaged when people trying to put out the fire.

The fire started at an electronic acessories shop at the north-eastern corner of the market. Nobody knows exactly how the shops caught fire. However, the villagers suspect that the shops were set ablaze by Rakhine extremists becuase some villagers had earlier spotted some Rakhines nearby the shops.
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2-Security Force Kill a Rohingya Fisherman
At about 10:30PM on 29th October 2013, A 45-year-old Rohingya, Zahid Alam S/o Abdul Hakim, was shot dead by Hlun Hteins (Security Force) at GE Island (GE Kyun) nearby Nantha-Taung village tract, northern Maung Daw. The killed Rohingya man was from Ward 2 (Sammakara) of Taung-Pyo subtownship, northern Maung Daw.
The security force shot at him while he and his son were fishing nearby the said island. Bullents hit his chest and he instantly died. His son took the dead body home. Later police arrived at his home and took the corpse to the hospital for post-mortem.
Myanmar military, police and security force have been killing innocent Rohingyas since June 2012 like killing birds. And later, they take out their body organs through post-mortem. Therefore, killing Rohingyas has become a sort of business for them. 

Bawli Bazaar (Bawli Ba Zaa), Taung-Byo, Northern Maung Daw

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