Monday, November 4, 2013

Updates on Homicides of Internally Displaced Rohingyas in Pauktaw

M.S. Anwar | November 4, 2013

You have earlier been reported on the killings of internally displaced Rohingyas [from Sin-Htet-Maw (Sandama) IDP camps, Pauktaw Township] by Rakhine terrorists, Myanmar military and Security Force (Hlun Hteind) on 2nd November 2013 (Report HERE). Below are the updates:
1- The person inhumanely slaughtered by Rakhine terrorists in the forest on 2nd November 2013 morning was Noor Hussain (Son of) Saleh Ahmed (Age 40-55). He was from Sin-Htet-Maw Camps, Pauktaw.
2- Later, many people from Sin-Htet-Maw IDP camps went to pick up his dead body. Myanmar Military and Hlun-Hteins-Security shot at the crowd around 2PM of the day. The military are under Battalion 233 in Pauktaw.

3- Due to the shoot out, another internally displaced Rohingya from Nget-Chaung IDP camp called Mohammed Syed (Son of) Ali Ahmed (Age 25) died instantly. Four other injured.
4- The four injured Rohingyas were admitted to the Sittwe General hospital with the help of MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières).
5- Of the four, Mohammed Shakir (Son of) Zakir (Sic) (Age 25) (, due to the bullet injuries on his head,) passed way at the Sittwe General Hospital at around 8AM on 3rd November 2013. He was from Sin-Htet-Maw camps and originally from Kyaukphyu township, Arakan.
6- The remaining three injured Rohingyas are 1) Ismail (Son of) Oli Ali @Ku Ahmed (Age 45), 2) Badi Alam (Son of) Kasim Ali (Age 35) and 3) Salim (Son of) Sayed Alam (Age 18). And they are still under critical condition in the Sittwe Hospital. They are from Nget-Chaung IDP camps.
7- To justify and conceal the homicides that Rakhine terrorists, Military and Security Force collectively committed, Rakhine extremists and Rakhine State Government are deliberately spreading rumors that the shoot out by Military and Security Force took place because Rohingyas (in their term, Bengali) had slaughtered a Rakhine woman earlier. However, one important question that begs an anwer is that if there is such a woman killed by Rohingyas, where her dead body is now.
8- Since yesterday, some Rakhine extremists led by Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP) have been demonstrating in front of the hospital demanding NGOs and INGOs to stop taking care of the internally displaced Rohingyas in Arakan. They allege INGOs of taking care of only Rohingyas, not Rakhines. That is a blantant lie and the world witnesses it.
- Below are some pictures of the internally displaced Rohingyas injured by the deliberate shoot out by Myanmar military and Security Force.
Mohammed Syed (Son of) Ali Ahmed (Age 25) Killed by Military [Photo: Sallam Oic Group
Noor Hussain (Son of) Saleh Ahmed (Age 40-55) killed by Rakhine Terrorists (Photo: Sallam Oic Group)
Rohingya crowd Surrounding the dead of Noor Hussain [Photo: Sallam Oic Group]
Injured by Myanmar Military [Photo: Sallam Oic Group]


Injured by Myanmar Military [Photo: Sallam Oic Group]
Injured by Myanmar Military [Photo: Sallam Oic Group]
Injured by Myanmar Military [Photo: Sallam Oic Group]
Written by M.S. Anwar based on the reports by News and Research Team, Sallam Oic Group (a source on the ground) and another Rohingya who wants to keep his name anonymous. M.S. Anwar can be reached at

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