Thursday, January 16, 2014

Updates on Military Assault on Rohingya Village: More Than 50 Rohingyas Believed to Have Been Massacred, around 100 Missing, Many Women Raped

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar
16th January 2014

Southern Maungdaw, Arakan: A joint-force of Military, Security Force (Hlun Hteins) and Police made a full-fledged assault on a Rohingya village called Kilai-Daung (Du-Chira-Dan) in southern Maungdaw on 14th January 2014 morning. (Read the earlier report here: "During the assult, till date, we believe more than 50 innocent Rohingyas have been massacred by the joint-force. Many women/girls were raped. More than 30 people were arrested. The remaining people of the village escaped and are still on the run. And the families have been displaced, dispersed and lost contact from one another.They are hiding wherever possible" exclaimed a elderly Rohingya.

"The village is totally razed and all the properties and belongings were looted and taken away by the Rakhine extremists from the neighboring Rakhine villages right before the eyes of Security Force and the military. Since the village has been declared to be a Red-Zone or No-Entry Zone for us, we are unable to exactly say how many Rohingyas were killed. Today, we saw many lorries taking the corpses of innocents Rohingya killed away to the forest. They are killing innocent people and covering their crimes successfully. Now, the region has become an open-killing field where innocent Rohingyas are merciless being killed" exclaimed a elderly Rohingya" he continued.

Till date, the villagers were able to report the details of the six people massacred during the assault. They are:

1) Zawbit (Son of ) Nizam (Age 80)
2) Lal Meah (Son of ) Matlib (Age 60)
3) Shomsu (Son of ) Bodi Alam (Age 40)
4) Mohammed Shuaib (Son of ) Salimullah (Age 10)
5) Mariam Khatun (Daughter of) Zahiruddin,wife of the late Nazir Ahmed (Age 103 years)
6) Begum (Daughter of) Ahmed Hussein, wife of Salimullah (Age 42)

"Besides, around 01:00PM on 15th January 2013, the joint force together with Rakhine terrorits raided the neighbroing village of Pa-Nyaung-Pin-Gyi (Shaira-Fara) accusing that people from the Du-Chira-Dan took refuge in the village and arrested many people. Among them, four were religious scholars. Their names are:
1) Mv Abdurrahman (Son of ) Habibullah
2) Mv Hamid (Son of ) ?
3) Mv Noor Alam (Son of ) Rashid Ahmed from the neighboring village, Padin (Kun-Kara-Fara)
4) Mv Hussein (Son of ) ? from the village of U-Daung.

The raided the village of Gawdusara as well. But we will have to find out how many innocent people were arrested.

Besides, it has been reported that tonight (i.e. 16th January 2014 night), the authority is going to raid the Baggona village under the same allegation that the people from Du-Chira-Dan village are seeking refuge in the village " another local Rohingya reported on the condition of anonymity. 
Update: Around 4AM this morning, Security Force arbitrarily arrested 50 more innocent Rohingyas including women and children from the west hamlet of Du-Chira-Dan village.

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