Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Breaking News: Rohingya Shops in Dudan, Northern Maungdaw, Set Ablaze

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar
26th March 2014

Northern Maungdaw, Arakan- Around 3AM on 26th March 2014, Rohingya shops at the market of village of Dudan (Ludain), northern Maungdaw, were set ablaze apparently by two unidentified Rakhine extremists. It has been reported that seven shops have burnt to ashes to till date. Many other shops have also been partially destroyed.

“Local Rohingyas spotted two stranger Rakhines nearby the market of Ludain just before the curfew time on 25th March 2014 night. And the Rohingya shops caught fire around 3AM of the same night (i.e. 26th March 2014 morning). There were around 40 shops at the market. Of them, seven shops got burnt to ashes. Many other shops were partially burnt. Some Rohingyas were able to save some shop-stuffs” said a local of the village.
“No Rohingya is allowed to go out of his/her home during the curfew time at night. But Rakhines can roam anywhere at the time. So, it is highly likely that those two Rakhines were behind setting the shops on fire. In one way, curfew is imposed only to prevent Rohingyas from saving their lives and properties. And as usual, the authority will blame Rohingyas for the fire and arrest some innocent Rohingyas. This is double victimization” he added. (Stay with us for more updates on this incidence.)
Elsewhere, at the village of Kyauk Chaung (Kiyammong) of Taung Pyo sub-township, northern Maungdaw, around 8PM on 25th March 2014, the house of Kalamiya (son of) Nuruzzaman caught fire from the haystack. But his co-villagers came to extend their hands and hence, collaborately extinguished the fire.
Many Rohingya properties have been put on fire and burnt to ashes by Rakhnine terrorists in the recent days (especially 10th March 2014 onwards). They put Rohingya properties on fire by using a chemical powder. (Read Details HERE)

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