Saturday, March 29, 2014

Warningshots Exchanged Between Myanmar Security Force and Rakhine Terrorists

28th March 2014
Maungdaw, Arakan- Around 3AM on 28th March 2014, there were warningshots exchanged between Myanmar Security Force (Hlun Htein) and Rakhine (Magh) terrorists at the village of Aung Bala, Maungdaw. It took place as the Security Force attempted to prevent the terrorists from advancing towards a nearby Rohingya village called Shwe Zar (Shujah).

Around 3AM today, approximately 60 armed Rakhine (Magh) terroists from the village of Aung Bala, Maungdaw, were advancing towards the nearby Rohingya village named Shujah. Obviously, to attack Rohingya people! However, HlunHtein (Security Force) were, this time, there in time to prevent Rakhines from attacking Rohingyas. HlunHtein asked them to stop marching towards the Rohingya village. They didn’t listen.
Hence, HlunHtein fired several warningshots in the air. In exchange, Rakhine terrorists, too, fired warningshots using the guns they had. Therefore, more HlunHteins joined the force that had been already at the scene. Since the numbers of HlunHteins grew, Rakhine (Magh) terrorists backed off. The situation came under control” said a local of Maungdaw.
There are reliable reports than many armed Bangladeshi Magh (Rakhine0 terrorists have crossed the border and sneaked into Arakan from Bangladesh. We think that they have come here to attack us and create chaos in Arakan state” he added.
Shwezar-Aung Bala 

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