Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Security Force to Impose NaSaKa-Style-Oppressive Ruling on Rohingyas

By MYARF/ M.S. Anwar
Tuesday, April 13, 2014
The world knows Hlun Htein department is one of the culprits in committing genocide against Rohingya people 
Maungdaw, Arakan State: Commander of Security Force (Hlun Htein) of Region 7 Camp based at the village of Alay Than Kyaw (HaishshuRata) in southern Maungdaw summoned administrators of Rohingya villages and Rohingya community leaders in the region for a meeting on 11th May 2014. In the meeting, he said they (Security Force) would impose NaSaKa style rules and regulations on Rohingya community again.

“NaSaKa (the former Border Security Force, disbanded in July 2013) was notorious for its brutal, oppressive and barbaric mechanism against Rohingyas. They were replaced by Hlun Htein (Security Force) after it had been disbanded.
Hlun Htein Commander of Region 7 Camp based in the village of Alay Than Kyaw (HaishshuRata) summoned administrators of Rohingya villages and some Rohingya community elders for a meeting on 11th May 2014. In the meeting, he stated they would re-implement mechanism against Rohingyas brought into practice by their predecessors, NaSaKa. Therefore, Rohingyas need to apply to Hlun Htein for:
1)       Marriage Permission (a prolonged process that used to take Rohingyas one to two years and cost them more than 200,000 Kyats for a single permission on top of harassments)
2)       Permission for Construction and Repairment of Homes and Tents
3)       Permission for ownership of properties and live-stocks such chickens, goats, cattle etc
4)       Permissions for Fishing in the sea and the river
5)       Permission to own Mobile Phones etc.

Besides, he ordered the village administrators to report to him on daily basis ‘if anyone does anything mentioned above without his permission.’ He also mentioned that they would, by any time, raid Rohingya villages and punish anyone that did anything without their permission” said a local Rohingya on the condition of anonymity.

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