Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mullas Are Always Targeted, Maung Daw Tsp

           On 8th of Nov 2012, Zaw Min Tun, a Nasaka (Boarder Security Force) who is a very closed with Nasaka officer from Nasaka sector (3), Maung Daw arrested five Mullas with false allegation of having connection with Bangladesh. They were released at 4:45AM of Nov 9 after being fined 3600,000Ks.
The Mullas are:-
Name                          Age       Village
Mv- Sham Shu              (32Yr)   Kun Thee Bin
Mv- Suhail                    (23Yr)   Kun Thee Bin
Mv- Rofique                 (50Yr)   Kun Thee Bin
Mv- Alaam Uddin          (40Yr)   Kun Thee Bin
Mv- Zeaul Haque          (31Yr)   Zee Bin Chaung
*1300,000Ks was fined from only Mv-Sham Shu and 2300,000Ks was from the remaining four Mullas.
           “The Mullas had only connection with the Mosques and the Madrarsas, even this connection has been cut off as all the Mosques and Madrasas in Arakan state are closed for more than five months. They always stay inside the house, they have no connection with Bangladesh”, a Mulla said.
           Also, on 8th of Nov 2012, at night 2:00AM Mv-Sabet Alom s/o Abdul Korim(52Yr) and Mv-Haron s/o Abu Bakkar Siddik(38Yr) from Tha Kine Nyar village tract, Maung Daw Tsp were taken by U Thet Naing (a Nasaka officer) and his group from camp number 5 of sector(1). The Nasaka accused telling them that they repaired the floor of the mosque by replacing two pieces of planks though they did not. They have been brutally tortured and kept in the custody for 3 days and were asked for 3000,000Ks to release. Finally they were fined 2000,000Ks and released today on 11 of Nov.
           Rakhines and some of the authorities always look down on every Mullas and other religious person as though they are their enemies. They often blame Mullas by various ways, we can see no one (religious) from other religion is being persecuted the way the Muslims are. The religious places of Rohingyas are closed while Monasteries and other religious hall of Rakhines are always open and are fully loaded of Rakhines. So, there is a question raised in every Rohingya’s mouth that is “the Mullas (Muslims) are always targeted only because they are Rohingya-Muslims?”

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