Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Violnece of Nasakas On Rohingyas Increased, Maung Daw Tsp

        According to the Maung Ni villagers, on 10 of Nov 2012, at about 2:00AM (night), two Nasakas (Boarder Security Forces) from Nasaka camp of Maung Ni village, Kayin Tan(myoma) village tract, Maung Daw Tsp (one is an officer and the other one is a member of Naska group number (2) known as Mi Cho) entered into three
Rohinyas houses of (1) Abdullah s/o Abdur Rohim, (2) Zubair s/o Zafor Ahmed, (3) Shair Ahmed s/o Ali Akbar in Maung Ni village saying to check guest list (Eik Sayin) that is to check if anyone else beside the family members is sleeping without concerned authority’s permission in their houses. And then, they abused sexually all the women in these houses and Hashim s/o above mentioned (3) Shair Ahmed was arrested. At the moment Hashim is in the Nasaka custody and Nasakas demanded 1500,000Ks to release.
           On 10th of Nov 2012, Nasakas from the Nasaka camp of Maung Ni village tortured two fish sellers Abdur Rahman s/o Dawlaya and Shofiullah s/o Abu Soyod and took their money 30,000Ks and 40,000Ks when they went to the beach to buy fish from fishermen. Finally they had to come back without buying any fish, the villagers said.
           Mi Cho is Rakhine from Sittway, he used to be a policeman a few years ago and has persecuted a number of Rohingyas in Maung Daw and he went back to his home. After that, changing his position into Nasaka he is here in Maung Ni Nasaka camp, Maung Daw again and resumed his persecution on Rohingyas. He calls to use the many Rohingya girls as his wives illegally one by one per day. Some of the girls are:- (1) Majida d/o Soyod Hussein, (2)&(3) ds/o Abu Twaleb (4)&(5) ds/o Abdullah, (6)&(7) ds/o Korimullah and (8)&(9) ds/o Kasim, they said.
        On 6th of Nov 2012, Mi Cho arrested and tortured Mohamed Amin s/o Mohamed Tayub then released after fining 50000Ks. On 9th of Nov, he arrested Mustak Ahmed, a fisher man at 3:00PM who is still in detained because he can’t pay 100,000Ks, the demand of the Nasaka. On 10th of Nov, he arrested three brothers Yasin, Hashim Ullah, Aabu sons of Mohamed Shofi at 5:30PM. They are still in the custody as they can’t afford 300,000Ks what the Nasaka demands, they added.
           Mi Cho is a Rakhine who has connection with Rakhine leaders. He is ruining the lives of Rohingya girls and forcibly taking money, torturing innocents, persecuting, etc with vatirous ways given by the Rakhine leaders with the aim of creating riot again to reach their goal of cleansing Rohingyas from Arakan state. The Nasakas who were sent to Maung Daw to protect lives of all Maung Daw residents seems to have been sent to ruin the beliefs of the Rohingyas on the President.

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