Friday, November 9, 2012

Myanmar government is implementing the next point to send Rohingyas to the 3rd country

        Myanmar government organized a commission to investigate Rohingyas if they are citizens of Myanmar according to the 1982 citizenship law or not.
        The commission started it’s work using 3 different forms in Pauk Taw and Kyauk Phyu townships. For the first day, 500 Rohingyas from 5 of 13 villages which have been burnt by Rakhines during
the recent attack were interrogated. There in the form, ethnicity and religion were mentioned as Rohingya and Islam as they replied. When the next question “Who burnt your houses?” was asked, the Rohingyas replied that they were Rakhines. But it was not mentioned in the form. It was kept blank and Rohingyas were told “you want to be mentioned as Rohingyas, that is why you did it by yourselves, isn’t it?”. So the Rohingyas are worried and remaining Rohingyas denied to be interrogated. The next day on 8th of Nov, as the commission mentioned race and religion as Bangli and Islam by force though the Rohingyas replied as Rohingya and Islam during the interrogation with more than 100 Rohingya households of Saik Key Pyin and Hsin Tet Maw village tracts, the Rohingyas denied signing the form. Similarly, when the Rohingyas from Kyauk Phyu replied as Rohingya and Islam, one of the commission member anxiously told them “if you want Rohingya you have to face a war”. There the Rohingyas also worried to be interrogated.
        President Thein Sein himself said to a head of UNHCR to put all the Rohingyas in the refugee camp or to send to the 3rd country. From these two points he materialized one that we can see right now, most of the Rohingyas were made homeless and put in the refugee camp. Obviously, Myanmar government is not interested to re-grant citizenship right to Rohingyas to materialize next point too.
 The western countries’ view on Myanmar is that Thein Sien is reforming. Yes it is right, he is reforming. Rohingyas had right at least to stay in the country being under various stress. But now, under president Thein Sein’s administration Rohingyas have to flee where they are dying in hundreds in the sea and even on the land. President Thein Sein is eating his food using spoon not his hand but he is still eating. That means he is using Rakhines to cleanse Rohingyas from Arakan State. Western country must know, president Thein Sein is reforming but it is negative to Rohingyas. Rohingyas need international investigation with the collaboration of Myanmar government.

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