Friday, November 9, 2012

Rohingya in Pauk Taw Tsp Living In Fear of Arson Attack

        In Pauk Taw Tsp, the hearts of the remaining Rohingyas are still full of fear of Rakhines attacks as Rakhines’ intimidation is going on.

        According to a phone conversation with a Pauk Taw local Rohingya student, in Pauk Taw Tsp of Arkan State, there are 191 villages in total. Among them, 171 are Rhine villages and 20 are of Rohingya. In 20 Rohingya villages, there are 5091 households and the population is 32471, in the last week of October, 13 out of 20 Rohingya villages were burnt down. The villages are:- Ward-3, Ward-4, Don, Zaw Gyi, Cha Eik, Nget Chaung, Linba Diya, Kun Thii Pak, Kan Pyin, Choli Pyin, Min Thar Pa, Kini Pyin and Nga Wa Chaung @ Hse Thone Dan.
         “Now there is a well-known pagoda called Soe Magyi, it is a well-respected one in all over Myanmar where the Rakhines leaders who stimulated to attack us are still holding meetings and threatening us. So we are still worrying to be attacked at any time as there no enough security and even the insufficient security has been biased” he said.  
        Most of the Rohingya villages have been burnt down, hundreds were killed, thousands were made homeless and hundreds died in the sea who tried to flee and seek helps from different areas but authorities did not allow them. Most of them died of hungers, deliveries, trauma, without treatments, etc on the boats. So the remaining Rohingyas in Pauk Taw Tsp are seeking international supports such as security, food, shelter and treatment.

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