Friday, November 9, 2012

Rakhine Terrorists Arrived in Mayu Mountain,Maung Daw Tsp

        According to the firewood collectors who daily go to the mountain, there are groups of unseen Rakhines rolling here and there in all over Mayu Mountain, Maung Daw since
the last few days.
        On 7th of Nv 2012, when the mountaineers (Mrou ethnicity) saw a group of 17 terrorists with guns wearing “Kurtha”(worn by Muslim clerics) with fake bear and 786 marked towel wrapped on their foreheads in the mountain, Nasaka sector(1), Maung Daw north. The mountaineers thought that they are Muslims and they immediately informed to the concerned authorities. The authority could arrest most of them. Later the arrested group was identified as Rakhines who were pretending to be Muslims and trying to attack Rohingyas with the name of Muslims.

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