Friday, November 9, 2012

Rakhines Are Still Allowed To Hold Meeting To Kill While Rohingyas Are Not Allowed Even to Pray

        On 8th of Nov 2012, at 8:00PM Rakhines from Parin Gone village of Parin village tract, Mrauk Oo township held a mass meeting in the village.
        “In the morning they are carrying
their moveable properties to other places from the village. So we are worried that if they are preparing to attack us” a local old Rohingya man said.
        After the meeting held in Rathedaung Tsp with more than 6000 Rakhines, most of the Rohingya minorities from different parts of Arakan State were attacked. But the authority is still allowing Rakhines to hold meetings everywhere while Rohingyas are not allowed to meet four people together.

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