Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rakhine Woman Fined A Rohingya, Maung Daw

            A Rohingya called Nur Alom s/o Abul Kasim hailed from Du-Nyaung Pin Gyi has been running a shop (1A-14) in Myoma municipal Market for years. He was forcibly made to idemnitize (compensate) 40,000Ks to a Rakhine woman by a Police, Aung Kyaw Khant.
            Yesterday on 27th Nov 2012, a Rakhine woman hailed from a Rakhine village of Bagona village tract suddenly came to the shop of Nur Alom and asked the shopkeeper to pay money saying that she lost her purse in front of his shop. When Nur Alom replied saying that he is selling his shop not watching her purse and he does not know about the purse, the woman complained about the case to the head in charge of municipal market.
            So the head came and asked the shopkeeper and said to her that yes he is selling his shop not watching your purse. As she was rejected by the head she went to a monk and told him about that. The monk phoned to the police “Aung Kyaw Khant” (vice corporal, the head of the group to control the region) and the police took the woman to the shopkeeper where they asked the money again but the shopkeeper replied the same as before.
            When the head of the market (noticing that the police was trying to take shopkeeper to the police station) came and said to the police that the shopkeeper really don’t know about her purse, the police said to the head that this is not between citizens but between a citizen and non citizen, so even if he dosen’t know about the purse he must compensate for this. At that time the head told the police “OK please don’t come here again I will solve this problem”. Finally the shopkeeper had to pay 40,000Ks to the woman for the fear of the police.
            This is the smallest case of the cases that Aung Kyaw Kant has ever done against Rohigyas. There are few rich Rohingyas whom Aung Kyaw Kant could not touch for large amount of money. As he threatens the Rohingyas for various crime charges, the Rohingyas have to pay large amount of money to him closing their eyes. No one can complain against him.

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