Thursday, November 29, 2012

On Going Money Extortion By Nasakas, Taung Pyu (sub-Tsp), Maung Daw

            The Nasakas in sector (3) are extorting money from Rohingyas negotiating with the village administrator by using many different false accusations.
            On 10th of Nov 2012, Nasakas (Boarder Security Forces) in Nasaka sector (3) arrested a Rohingya, Islam s/o Ali Akbar hailed from Ward-2 of sub township Taung Pyu over the accusation of crossing boarder fence and released after extorting 800,000Ks. The Nasakas are asking money 300,000Ks from him again and told if would not pay, he would be arrested again.
            On 11th of Nov 2012, the same Nasakas arrested Hf-Solim Ullah s/o Soyod Hussein and Faisel @ Tonduillya s/o Nobi Hussein @ Halu from the same area for the accusation of using Bangla Phone and released after taking 100,000Ks from each.
            One can neither use Bangla Phone nor cross the boarder fence in the presence of such large amount of Nasakas. These are all false and pre-planned accusations made by the Nasakas negotiating with the village administrator to extort money from the Rohingyas. They are still making many different ways and extorting money from Rohingyas by applying it.

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