Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rakhines Mobs To Attack Rohingyas In Kyauk Taw Tsp

           In Kyauk Taw town ship, 2 Rohingya villages, Paik Seik and Poin Da were surrounded by thousands of angry Rakhine mobs at night (8:00PM to the next day 8:00AM) to attack but the security forces (militaries) did not allow them to do so.
           “On 16th Nov 2012, at 8:30PM thousands of Rakhine mob with full load of weapons approached the Rohingya village called Paik Thay in Kyauktaw Township to set fire on all houses and clean all Rohingyas from the village” a local resident said.
           “Security forces warned both Rakhine and Rohingya that soldiers would open fire if any one moves forward. But, the Rakhine Terrorists were shouting their slogan with megaphones that that night they would fight for their freedom even the military shoot at them and they would destroy that (Paik Thay) Rohingya village” he added.
           Looking at the Rakhines who are still showing their terrorism in front of the security forces, one can easily consider that the government is still in favor of Rakhines. President U Thein Sein is saying that he is meeting with Muslim religious leaders and Buddhist Monks to discuss about the conflict. Why? Is he pretending not to be shameful in front of pure democracy leader Barak Obama? The answer is yes, because U Thein Sein is meeting with Bama Muslim religious leaders instead of Rohingya Muslims’ one though this conflict is between Rohingyas and Rakhines.
           U Thein Sein said at UN Assembly that he had established a commission to investigate the real source of the conflict but here in reality, two members (Muslims) were dismissed as they found real source and tried to express it. After all, Rohingyas came to realize that the switch button of the conflict (unrest) is on and it is under control of the central government. But none of them believes that one day it will be pressed to be off by U Thein Sein.

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