Monday, November 19, 2012

The Condition of Bolmu village, Maung Daw

           On 14th Nov 2012, a Rohingya called Azizul Haque s/o Kasim(24Yr) hailed from Bolmu village tract of Ward-2, Maung Daw was arrested by polices.
           On 14th Nov 2012, at night, three Rohingya girls Pormin (bolmu ywa), (maungni ywa) and (sittwe) were raped and killed by Rakhines and Hluntin in Bolmu village of Ward-2, Maung Daw.
           On 15th Nov 2012, police group went to the house of Amir-Kamal hailed in Ward-2, Maung Daw saying to check weapon such as swords, lance, etc but there they found a fish cutting knife. Now a police called Hla Myint is asking 200,000Ks for the knife.

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