Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rohingyas Are Fleeing For The Fear Of Fake FIR List

           On 12th Nov 2012, a police group arrested an ACF staff, Jamal Uddin from Ward-7 of Buthi Daung town ship saying that he is in the list of FIR based on the 8 June riot.
            Buthi Daung local court has released FIR for 250 Rohinygas. All of them are valuable persons such as NGO staffs, educated persons, rich men and other respected persons. Some of them were reportedly arrested by the police. Those who remains are worried and they cannot go here and there and are hiding. The NGO staffs who are hiding cannot carry their duties so they had to resign, said a local businessman who involved in the list.
           Buthi Daung court had sent many innocent people to jail with the false accusation of creating riot. But in reality, here in Buthi Daung have been no riot, in fact Rakhines tried to create it, when we were patient, they were not successful. But the authority is trying to keep all the front page persons inside the jail by releasing FIR, why? the answer is to treat the remaining leaderless Rohingyas as animals more than before, he added.
            From Maung Daw Tsp only, more than 600 hundred Rohingyas were arrested and brutally tortured, some were killed and some others are missing inside the jail. In these days they are being used as cows to thrash paddies. Most of them were announced to be sentenced for 20Ys, 10Ys, etc over the fake accusations of setting fire on the Rakhines’ houses, murder, creating crowd, stimulating to create riot, etc. So, many Rohingyas (100 or more per day) from Buthi Daung, Maung Daw and other parts of Arkan are fleeing by boat from Maung Daw south and north where there are Nasaka sectors, the Naskas are giving permissions taking large amount of money to flee and are standing arm folded. They are happy to see Rohingyas’ fleeing.

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