Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Money Extorting Is Nasaka-Kyaw Htay’s Business, Maung Daw Tsp

           Kyaw Htay was a policeman from 1998 to 2008 in Kyien Chaung village tract. He was converted into Hluntin because of the complaints of the villagers as he used to do violence, arbitrary arrest,
money extortion, etc. on Rohingyas. But he worked for Nasaka camp 24 of sector (4) free of charge instead of carrying the duty of Hluntin. Later he became a Nasaka vice corporal. As he has long experience of Kyien Chaung, he knows to create various ways to extort money from Rohingyas.
           Kyaw Htay, a Nasaka from camp no: 24 of Nasaka sector (4) has been extorting money from most of the Kyien Chaung villagers by using many false allegation.

A local resident reported the followings preferring not to be named:-
           Before 8 June riot, Solim s/o Shuna Meya from middle hamlet of Kyien Chaung village tract, Maung Daw went to Yangon with legal permission of immigration to buy fabrics (clothes) for his shop. As the condition in Arakan state is still very hard, he is staying there with the permission Yangon authority. On 12 of Nov 2012, in Kyien Chaung market, his father Shuna Meya s/o Dudu Meya was arrested by a Nasaka called Kyaw Htay from the fabric shop. On the way to Nasaka Camp he could ran away then the Nasaka went to the shop again where he re-arrested his son instead of him and brought to the Nasaka camp. There he was intimidated with false accusation that his brother has been staying in Yangon illegally and sending black things to you. At the end the Nasaka fined 800,000Ks and released.
           On the same day, similarly the Nasaka fined Rofique s/o Lalar Meya from the same area 800,000Ks for his brother who has been staying in Yangon for nearly a decade.
           And the Nasaka extorted 300,000Ks from Fedan Ali s/o Bagi(a rich man who has a fabric shop and a pharmacy) from middle hamlet of Kyien Chaung village tract, Maung Daw over the false accusation of getting medicine illegally with fabrics from Yangon.
           And the Nasaka told Mv-Soyodul Amin s/o Abdu Solam hailed from Done Thit village of Aung Sit Pyin village tract that he was being called by the Nasaka head quater BIHQ (Boarder Immigration Head Quarter) otherwise he could pay 150,000Ks to stay freely. Finally he had to pay 100,000Ks.
           On 13 of Nov 2012, the Naska arrested Ashoke Zama s/o Nur Ahmed hailed from middle hamlet of Kyien Chaung village tract, Maung Daw saying “why didn’t you inform that your son went to Malaysia?” and kept in the Nasaka custody.
           And the Nasaka repeatedly went to the house of Monsoor Ali s/o Liyaqat Ali to arrest with the accusation of returning from Malaysia though he did not go to Malaysia. He is worried and hiding as he can’t stay in his house.
           Kyaw Htay has been persecuting Rohingyas for more than 14 years but no legal action was taken against him yet. Many complaints against his wrong doings were submitted to his superiors but the results were arbitrary arrests, money extortion, severe torturing, etc against those who complained instead.

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