Monday, December 3, 2012

Eight Rohingya Refugees Were Shot By Hluntins, Sittway Tsp

            On 1st Dec 2012, at 4:30PM, Hluntin (security force) in Sittway tried to forcibly displace the Rohingya refugees and shot at 8 Rohingya refugees while the refugees denied to be displaced to another hostile region.
            According to a refugee who denied to be named, the refugees are from Narzi village of Hsar Rone Zu Quarter, Sittway. The authority displaced them to the refugee camp in Thay Chaung village (Companir Deil) after their village had been being burnt down by the Rakhines. The camp is near the road and accessible for the donors.
            The Hluntins have been forcing them to leave the camp for days. Some of them were displaced to another camp in Baw Duwa village tract (Boduwar Deil) saying that they are in the list to be displaced. As the remaining refugees got information that the refugees in Boduwar Deil’s camp are facing many difficulties, they denied leaving the camp. The Hluntin made some of their government fire fighters (Rakhines) to enter into the tents where they used violence on women. When a pregnant woman called Zura d/o Yousuf Ali (27Yr) responded by her hand, the Hluntins shot at her and seriously injured. As other refugees came to her to see, the Hluntin shot at them too where 7 more refugees got severely injured.
Seven more injured persons are as follows;
(1)   Shobbir Ahmed        s/o        Soyod Akbar      (25Yr)
(2)   Ziyaul Haque           s/o        Hamid Hussein   (30Yr)
(3)   Solim                      s/o        Abdur Rahman   (25Yr)
(4)   Monuwara Begum    d/o       Mohamed Jalil    (25Yr)
(5)   Husseina                 d/o       Zafor Alom        (26Yr)
(6)   Arofa                      d/o       Bashir               (27Yr)
(7)   Aanu                       d/o       Ahmed              (26Yr)

Among the injured, Shobbir Ahmed was admitted to Tharkey Pyin Hospital while other 7 were admitted to Sittway General Hospital by Militaries.

            The authorities are going with Rakhines always, and they want us not to be shown to the international donors as Rohingya refugees in majority. Also in other townships of Arakan state specially in Maung Daw Tsp, somany Rohingya refugees are not recognized as refugees by the government. As they are not recognized as refugees by the governmet, the international donors donot have legal access to them. Now they are begging going here and there being homeless and hopeless.

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