Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nasakas’ Persecutions On Rohingyas Including Forced Labours, Maung Daw

          Nasakas in Maung Daw north are persecuting Rohingyas such as using forced labours free of charge, giving arbitrary punishment and snatching goods from passerbies, collecting money for cattles and collecting paddies.
         On 8th Dec 2012, Nasakas from sentry camp of Kyar Gaung Taung village tract are renovating a road between Yekey Chaung Kwarsone and Kyar Gaung Taung using Rohingyas, force labours including 32 under 18 year old boys from Kyaw Gaung Taung.
         On 11th Dec 2012, a Nasaka vice officer of the above sentry camp halted a Rohingya student, Faisel s/o Badu (19Yr) on his way from Kyien Chaung village tract to U Kying Cha village tract by the time he was crossing by bicycle infront of the sentry camp for not going by foot in front of them. After that, the Nasaka asked him to drink alcohol as a punishment but the student said that he does not drink. Then the student was made to go to the nearest mountain and come more than 100 times shouldering his bicycle as a punishment.
         On 12th Dec 2012, a Rakhine, veterinarian (animal doctor) with some Nasakas from the same sentry camp collected money 500Ks per each for 153 cows (including oxes) in Kyar Gaung Taung village tract saying that they would provide vaccination.
         Also, on 5th Dec 2012, Nasakas (boarder security force) from camp no: 12 of Nasaka area (5) went to Myaw Taung village tract where they took lists of the cows owned by Rohingyas checking every houses one by one and collected 500Ks per each cows including calves in Myaw Taung as a tax.
         On 13th Dec 2012, Win Hlaing, a Nasaka sector commander from sector 5 went to Ngan Chaung village tract where he collected 25Kg of paddy per house from 500 houses in the whole villge.
         In Myanmar there are more than 136 ethnic groups. Among them, only the ethnic group, Rohingya is persecuted since military regime until now even in this democratic era and in the process of reforms while other 135 ethnic groups are not. Why? It is because the government does not recognize Rohingyas as human beings.

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