Saturday, December 15, 2012

Naskas Arrested A Rohingya Bamboo Seller, Maung Daw

         On 10th Dec 2012, at 11:45AM, in U Kying Cha village tract, while a Rohingya bamboo seller called Mohamed Ishak s/o Nur Ahmed(46Yr) was selling bamboos, Nasakas from Ye Myat Taung sentry camp of Nasaka area no: 5 came to his shop and asked for bamboos to fence the sentry camp free of charge. When Ishak said “I am a minor bamboo seller, I have no that big amount of bamboos, how can I give bamboos?”, the Nasakas arrested him and took with his money bag to their sentry camp. He is still in the custody.
         Also, on 3rd Dec 2012, a Rohingya bamboo seller, Jani Alom s/o Fetan Ali hailed from Aung Sit Pyin village tract was severely tortured and released after extorting 20000Ks by Nasakas of Chaung War camp in U Kyinn Kya village tract, Maung Daw for not paying the Nasakas illegal demand.
         Similarly, the Nasakas from the sentry camp in Kyar Gaung Taung village tract are looting vegetables, fish, and money from the Rohingyas who are daily sellers while passing near the camp. Those, who are unable to pay are tortured.
         These kinds of cases are happening on Rohingyas in most of the areas where there are Nasaka’s sentry camps.

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