Saturday, December 8, 2012

President U Thein Sein’s Double Standard Operation

       OIC was about to come to Myanmar just to help the riot victims from both Rohingya and Rakhine communities in Arkan state. The helpless and hopeless victims from both sides were happy and seeing tomorrows to meet OIC with their inharmonious heart beats as they know that it is a world richest organization and hope that it would be a part of a big role for their uncertain future to be nurtured step by step and day after day. But suddenly, demonstrating (protests) waves hit in Arkan state and swept all the victim’s hopes away shocking the world mankind and human watch groups.
         For the first day, the Rakhine monks who preaches to keep Metta (i.e love) on human beings protested expressing their desires “Rohingyas worth not help, they worth to die”. On the second day, many Rakhines women appeared on the man road to be protesting against OIC wearing same T-shirt on which written “No Rohingya, No OIC”. On the third day at dawn, many Rakhine students ran on the same main road protesting against OIC and the world, those who help Rohingyas. They did demonstration without legal permission!
         After five or six days, Myanmar government declared that OIC could not enter into Myanmar because of people’s desire as per democracy law. Does it mean Rakhines are people and Rohingyas are not if democracy follows people’s desire? What kind of democracy is this?
         Then the Rakhine succeeded their plan and two days later, they burnt Rohingyas’ houses town by town as though they were given licenses to kill and rape Rohingyas, to rob and destroy their properties and to burn their houses.
         Rohingya victims had been passing minutes, hours, days, etc. each breathe with rough luck just keeping belief in Almighty Allah. Pointing Rakhines’ desire, Myanmar government has been blocking the helps not to reach in the hands of Rohingya victims who have no ground to stay, shelters to cover, foods to survive, medicines for health. “DEMOCRACY FOLLOWS PEOPLE’S DESIRE”
         Demonstration news came again!! on 29th Nov, 2012 at about 3:00AM, authority raided roughly to crack down the peaceful and permitted protesters using tear gas, water cannons and the worst bombs. The protesters’ desire is to halt Letpadaung Mountain Copper Mine Project which would be very harmful for the Letpadaung environtment. Among the protesters, at least 27 monks were seriously injured. Here “DEMOCRACY DOES NOT FOLLOW PEOPLE’S DESIRE” Why?
         From long to short, authority cracked down the Letpadaung demonstration into pieces but Rakhine demonstration were followed. Here, we can realize that the Letpadaung demonstration was to halt the copper mine project which can be dangerous for the environtment of Letpadaung. As the desire of the protesters is not the same as the government’s one, it was cracked down into pieces.
         Rakhine demonstrations aimed to block OIC’s and any other helps for Rohingya victims whom UN describe as the most persecuted minority ethnic group in the world. Rakhines knew that Rohingya victims need urgent supports and help to survive their remaining lives and thought that if they(Rakhines) can block all sources of helps, minority will be miniminority (i.e most of them will die). As the government followed their (Rakhine’s) demand, one can easily realize that the desire of the Rakhine demonstraton was the same as U Thein Sein government’s one.
         And one more thing to be added is that the noble peace price winner and Myanmar’s democray leader Daw Aung San Su Kyi refused to speak on plight of Rohingyas because for her, speaking in reality about a minority that is recognized as the most persecuted minority ethnic group all over the word is taking side (giving favor). In the plight of Letpadaung copper mine project she is active.

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