Thursday, December 13, 2012

Confiscation Of Rohingyas’ Land By Nasakas, Maung Daw

       On 5th Dec 2012, Nasakas cosfiscated the remaining farm land of Rohingyas (50 Acres) in Thayay Kone Dan village tract, Maung Daw.
         Nasakas have already been confiscated almost all of the Rohingyas’ farm land in Thayay Kone Dan village tract, Maung Daw and confered these to Rakhines. Only the land of (50-Acres) left as it is not so good producing soil.
         On 5th Dec 2012, Nasakas went to the land remained and set there red flags arround. On 6th Dec 2012 Rakhines started to plaugh the land. When the Rohingyas(the owners) asked the Rakhines, “Why you are plaunghing our lands? They replied, “From today on, this is ours, not yours”.
       Like that, in Maungdaw North & South many Rohingyas’ lands which were made to confer to Rakhines had been being plaughed every year in front of Rohingyas (the owners). In Maungdaw, most of the Rohingyas are farmars. So, it is their income source.

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