Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rohingya Arrested By Nasaka, Maung Daw

      On 16th Dec 2012, at about 11:00PM, Nasakas from sentry camp of Maung Ni village, Kayin Dan(myoma) village tract entered to a house of Rohingya, Mohamed Hasson s/o Azhar Meya(28Yr) and arrested him over the false accusation of using Bangla phone. He is still remains in the Nasaka custody as he is not able to pay the Nasakas’ demand of 1200,000Ks.
      The Nasakas have extorted from almost every houses of Maung Ni village. There is no possibility to use Bangla phones in the presense of such a Nasaka sentry camp. But Nasakas want money from Rohingyas no matter they are innocents or guilty and no matter they are poor or rich. Similar cases on Rohingyas have been being carried out by polices, Sarapa, etc also.

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