Sunday, December 23, 2012

Militaries Persecution On Six Rohingyas, Maung Daw

      On 20th Dec 2012, five Rohingyas from Nurullah village of Bagona village tract were arrested, used as forced labours, severely tortured and extorted big amount of money by a battalion captain and his forces over the false accusation of cutting wood in the forest without legal permission.
      On 20th Dec 2012, at 8:00AM, five Rohingyas (1) Nur Alom s/o Yousuf Jalal(26Yr), (2) Soyodur Rahman s/o Rafique(21Yr), (3) Abdu Shukur s/o Somid Hussein(22Yr), (4) Bashir Ahmed s/o Ali Ahmed(43Yr) and (5) Abdus Satthar s/o Abdul Kadir(29Yr) from Nurullah village of Bagona village tract were arrested by militaries including their captain from the battalion in Kha Ye Myaing village of Bagona on their way to the forest by the time they were going to cut thatches for their houses over the false accusation of cutting wood in the forest without permission. When the Rohingyas showed the permission paper (taken from the battalion commander paying 20000Ks) to the militaries, they (Rohingyas) were severely tortured, made to carry stone the whole day and four of them (except Nur Alom-the leader of the group) were released in the evening after being fined one cock per head. After that the militaries arrested Nur Alom’s father too. The next day on 21st Dec 2012, Nur Alom and his father were fined 450,000Ks and were released, said a victim preferring not be named.      
      We complained the case to the battalion commander who gave permission taking 20000Ks but he denied being responsible to give permission and told us that the case is up to the captain not him (battalion commander), the victim added.
      The battalion there in Bagona village tract was sent for the safety of the residents but now they too are persecuting Rohingyas using their military power. Rohingyas are used as forced labors, extorted money, tortured if unable to pay money, etc by so-called security guard militaries.

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