Friday, December 7, 2012

Rohingyas Are Always Persecuted By Nasakas, Maung Daw

         In Maung Daw, Nasakas (boarder security forces) are arbitrarily arresting and extorting money from Rohingyas using many different accusations such as illegal phone using, having link with “RSO”, human trafficking, giving medical treatment illegally and receiving rebel as a guest.
       In Kyien Chaung village tract, a Nasaka officer, Wai Phyoe Tun from Nasaka camp no: 24 of sector (4) has been extorting money from Rohingyas since he came to Kyien Chaung.

Extorted Money
Ehsan Ullah
Hafiz Ullah
13th Oct 2012
Using Illegal Phone
Rabi Ullah
Abdul Shukkur
15th Oct 2012
Using Illegal Phone
Nur Hasson
20th Oct 2012
Using Illegal Phone
Nur Ahmed
20th Nov 2012
Using Illegal Phone
Altaf Hussein
25th Nov 2012
Being Inferior Doctor
* The Nasaka accused Bottoo when they got a blood pressure messuaring tool (box) from him.

         On 25th Nov 2012, at night 10:00PM, Nasakas from sector (3) arrested and tortured severely tortured 5 Rohingyas over the false accusation of having link with RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organisation).
         The victims are;
1)    Shomshul Alom           s/o        Soyod Alom       35Yr
2)    Zahid                         s/o        Soyod Alom       25Yr
3)    Kurban Ali                  s/o        Abdul Munaf      22Yr
4)    Ibrahim                      s/o        Abdul Munaf      24Yr
5)    MD. Sharif                  s/o        Sameer Jalal      20Yr

* They are still in the Nasakas’ custody.

         On 29th Nov 2012, Nasakas from Chin Kali sentry camp of sector (7) arrested Rabiullah s/o Abul Hussein (30Yr) hailed from Alay Than Kyaw village tract with the false accusation of using Bangla phone. He is still remaining in the custody for not being able to pay the Nasakas’ demand of 1000,000Ks.

         On 1st Dec 2012, a general staff, U Kyaw Myint from Nasaka camp no: 12 of sector (5) arrested a Rohingya Mulla called Ibrahim s/o Nobi Hussein with the false accusation of human trafficking. He was released after being exorted 500,000Ks the next day.

         On 1st Dec 2012, at night 1:30PM 5 Nasakas accompanaied by a general staff from Nasaka camp no: 10 of Zee Pin Chaung and Nasaka camp of Chaung War arrested 4 Rohingyas and tortured in Ye Dwin Pyin village tract with false accusation of receiving rebel as guests.
         The victims are;
1)    Mohamed Ismail      s/o        Mohamed Juhar
2)    Mohamed Yasin       s/o        Shuna Meya
3)    Mohamed Ayub        s/o        Khur Shid
4)    Mohamed Rafique    s/o        Amir-Shamshul Haque
* All of them are still in the custody.
* Mohamed Rafique is from Zee Pin Chaung and staying in Ye Dwin Pyin as a visitor with legal permission.
         On 1st Dec 2012, at 9:00PM Nasakas from sentry camp (located for the Big-Bridge) of Godu Thaya village tract in Nasaka area 7 went into the village and arrested 7 Rohingyas for nothing and took them to their camp. There the Rohingyas were asked one cock (hen) per each. So they gave 40,000Ks for cocks but still they were not released. The Nasakas released them after finning 100,000Ks per head again.
         The victims are;
1)    Aaman                    s/o        Hala Meya         16Yr
2)    Mohamed Eliyas       s/o        Jafor Hussein     20Yr
3)    Shamshul                s/o        Halaya              20Yr
4)    Aamin                     s/o        Nur Mohamed    20Yr
5)    Yunose                    s/o        Hala                  17Yr
6)    Shah Alom               s/o        Ali Ahmed          20Yr
7)    Habib Ullah              s/o        Kasim               18Yr

         On 2nd Dec 2012, at 6:30PM as the above Nasakas in the sentry camp of Godu Thaya asked a Rohingya, Edris s/o Mohamed Zolil (20Yr) if he has movement permission paper while he was coming back home from Du Nyaung Pin Gyi village tract, Edris replied “since no one needs movement permission paper here inside Maung Daw, I have not got it”, he was arrested. The next day, the Nasakas extorted 40,000Ks and released.

         Nasakas have been extorting money form every Rohingyas irrespective of their availability. Any one who is not able to pay their demand (money) are tortured and sentenced for long imprisonment.

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