Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Attempts To Bengalise Rohingyas, Maung Daw

      On 3rd Jan 2013, in Leik Ya village tract of Taung Pyo Tsp(sub), Nasakas(Boarder Security Forces) gathered 14 elderly Rohingyas and forcibly took signitures of their own and did an agreement with them that they (the 14 Rohingyas) must organize all the villagers to sign on their forms(organized by Nasakas) to prove all Rohingyas as Bangalies.
      According to a Leik Ya villager who doesn't want to be named, on 3rd Jan 2013, in Leik Ya village tract of Taung Pyo town ship (sub town ship of Maung Daw), Nasakas including their leautenant commander, Chit Mann Thura from Nasaka area no: 3 tried to make the villagers (Rohingyas) to sign on their forms which is organized by local Nasakas to prove all the Rohingyas in Arkan state as Bangalies. As the villagers did not go with them, the Nasakas summoned 14 elderly Rohingyas (influenced persons) and made them to sign for themselves first and then did an agreement(signed a treaty) that they (the influenced persons) must organize all the villagers to sign on their forms otherwise they would be punished.

The 14 influenced Rohingyas are:
1)    Dil Husson         s/o        Inna Min            75Yr
2)    Abdul Jabbaar    s/o        Abul Hussein      65Yr
3)    Nurul Haque      s/o        Faizur Rahman   60Yr
4)    Mv. Rafique       s/o                                36Yr
5)    Nur Hussein       s/o        Soyod Hussein   40Yr
6)    Zomir Hussein    s/o        Soyod Hussein   35Yr
7)    Zahid Ullah        s/o        Shafi Ullah         40Yr
8)    Musa                 s/o        Soyod Akbar      32Yr
9)    Nuru                 s/o        Fozol                 35Yr
10)  Mv.Ershadullah  s/o        Habib Ullah        45Yr
11)  Nurul Amin        s/o        Soyod Ullah       35Yr
12)  Solim                s/o        Amir Hussein     50Yr
13)  Jabbaar s/o                                            60Yr
14)  Mv. Nur Alom    s/o        Sultan               89Yr

      The Nasakas are trying their best to cleanse Rohingyas from Arkan state using many strategies such as giving illegal permission to go to abroad with large amount of money, asking large amount of illegal extortion money from poors, putting innocents in the list of those who fled to Bangladesh though they are living in Myanmar, releasing FIR lists for innocents, sending innocents to jail and so on. Now they are using the most updated strategy that is forcibly Bengalising saying that they are doing a census with electronic fingerprint.

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