Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Indirect Cosfiscation Of Rohingyas’ Possessions, Maung Daw

     On Sunday, 23rd and 25th Dec 2012, in Zeebin Chaung village tract, Lu Zaw Than, a commander and head of camp no 10 based in Leit Ya village of sector 4 arrest and extorted 870,000Ks from 9 Rohingyas over the allegation of buying a shrimp pond from a Rohingya who had to flee for the fear of arbitrary arrest.
Our source identified the arrested victims as follows :-
           (1)Mr. Md Rafique s/o Abul Hussein (41Yr) * 
           (2) Kabir Ahmed s/o Azizur Rahman (55Yr)
           (2) Ziyaur Rahman s/o Nurul Islam (32Yr)
           (4) Hf. Solim Ullah s/o Skandar (52Yr)

           (5) Md.Husain s/o Sultan (54Yr)
           (6) Tafaddol s/o Obaidul Haque (62Yr)
           (7) Abu Solaiman s/o Noor Ahmed (49Yr)
          (8) Boshor Ahmed s/o Jalal Ahmed (60Yr)  and
          (9) Mr. Zahid Hussein s/o Siddique Ahmed (54Yr)
 Note : *  marked victim was arrested on 23rd and others on 25th of December 2012

All the said Rohingyas had been arrested together by Lu Zaw Than, Nasaka commander and head of above mentioned camp under the imaginary charge that they jointly own a shrimp pond (namely; Lamar Guda) which was bought from a Rohingya who is not currently available in the country. They were detained and tortured until they eventually have to agree to be extorted 420,000Ks from Rafique alone and 450,000Ks from the rest share-holders.
Despite the fact that, decades of discriminatory policy of Burmese government, deprivation of basic human rights and hopelessness of the situation has been driven thousands of successive generations of Rohingya minority to an exodus of refugees seeking asylum across neighboring countries to save their lives. The brutal Burmese powerful regime in compliance with ethnic Rakhines' opinion, officially, restricted that no property of Rohingya who fled the country could be bought nor owned by any Rohingya, which underlay confiscation of thousands of Rohingya ownership in the country or at least extortion of a huge amount of money.

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