Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rohingyas Arrested For Not Participating Census Process, Maung Daw

      On 4th Jan 2013, at night, Nasakas from Nasaka sector no 8 arrested five Rohingyas for not participating to their process of Bengalising all the Rohingyas in Myint Hlut village tract.
      On 4th Jan 2013, at night 11:00PM, Nasakas (Boader Security Forces) rushed into Myint Hlut village tract where they entered into nearly 100 Rohingyas’ houses to arrest the Rohingyas who did not participate Nasakas’ so called census-check up process (Bengalization). Five Rohingyas, [1] Soyodul Islam s/o Nozir Hussein(45Yr), [2] Hussein Ahmed s/o Jalal(55Yr), [3] Er Shad Ullah s/o Zofor(60Yr), [4] Abul Kalam s/o Shaker Mohamed(25Yr) and [5] Yusuf s/o Jalal(25Yr) were arrested while most of them ran away. They were tortured brutally and are still in their custody. They are reportedly going to be sentenced for 6 months imprisonment under the charge of not obeying the order of government.

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