Monday, January 14, 2013

Market Looted And Innocents Arrested By Nasakas, Maung Daw

      On Friday, Jan12,2013, at 8:30PM, thirty Nasakas led by Win Hlaing (lieutenant commander of regional Nasaka camp no-5 Ngakura village tract) raided on a market in Kyet Yoe Pyin (Keari Farang) village tract of Maung Daw north. They then, started looting the Rohingya shops; goods worth millions of kyats have been reportedly taken away with no payment and compensation. In addition, innocent Rohingyas found watching over their shops (most of them teenagers) were also dictatorially arrested and severely tortured that some got intense head injuries meanwhile many other were threatened to arrest.
      They are still in the detention cell in Nga Kura village tract with constant torture and fear of imprisonment on any fabricated charges. The victims are identified as: [1]Ajmal Khan s/o Abul Quasim (21Yr), [2]Md Ali s/o Abdul Hamid (23Yr), [3]Md Ayas s/o Hala Meya (18Yr), [4]Younus s/o Sultan (15Yr), [5]Shofiq s/o Nur Hussein (18Yr), [6]Kamal Hussein s/o Hala Meya (20Yr), [7] Iliyas s/o Salim (23Yr), [8]Md Hashim s/o Fedan (16Yr), [9]Md Salim s/o Abdul Gaffar (18Yr), [10]Md Hashim s/o Lalu (17yrs) and [11]Nur Hashim s/o Nurullah (36Yr).
      They had initially raided on the village, when they found no boy and man (as they escaped), they turned to the market. Four Nasakas of the sub-sentry camp of Kyet Yoe Pyin village tract (Keari Farang) were not collaborated by the villagers when they at 6:30pm, tried to seize a Bangladeshi mobile phone from a youth in the said village tract. It is reported that these four Nasakas mobilised the lieutenant commander, their concern higher authority, against the village falsely informing that they had been attacked by some villagers when they were trying to catch a boy aged 18,with a mobile.

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