Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Village Wacth Men Tortured And Extorted, Maung Daw

On 8th Jan 2013, in Kyauk Chaung village tract, three Nasakas from coast guard camp of the said village arrested four Rohingyas who were watching for nothing and tortured mercilessly. At the end extorted 15000Ks.
Last night on 8th Jan 2013, four Rohingya elders;

              [1]Md Alam s/o Md Shafi aged 27,
               [2]Osman s/o Md Shafi aged 38,
               [3]Bado s/o Islam aged 30 and
              [4]Nur Alam s/o Ali Juhar       were on their duty of keeping a watch over their village Kyauk Chaung (Shil Hali) in a watch house while three NaSaKa from the coastguard camp of Kyauk Chaung (Shil Hali) under sector 4 rushed secretly to them and arrested handcuffing three of them for no reason (when one could flee). Then Md Alam was mercilessly tortured when he asked the reason. Finally they had to bribe them 15000Ks to escape from this tragedy.

As 80% of Rohingyas are labourers, porters and farmers _ the whole day they have to work to earn their livelihood  But unfortunately, they have to watch over the village at night. If any watch accidentally fall asleep he will be so seriously tortured by NaSaKa or he has to bribe them a hen often without falling asleep.

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