Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Latest News Of The Census Check-Up Process(Bengalizing), Maung Daw

The check-up process of the family census (i.e:to enlist and delist of the Rohingya that is carried out by NaSaKa department twice a year) is kicked off in Arakan. In this check-up operation;
               [1] Per family is extorted 1000-2000Ks.
               [2]If new born is to be enlisted, it cost 10-20 thousands Ks.
               [3] To transfer a bride including to enlist her into the bridegroom's family census                                          would cost 150000-200000Ks.
               [4] If three babies in a family census remain unlisted because of the shortage of money, they would not be enlisted even costly, rather will be black listed. This check-up process was basically denied by Rohingya because it did include the so-called Bengalisation operation. However, NaSaKas led by regional commanders had threatened them of confiscation of ownership, mass arrest and forcible deportation.

When this could not change Rohingyas' opinion, they began to arrest, torture hundreds of innocent Rohingyas and delist their family census for not supporting this unjust operation. But this effort also seen to be failed, then they stepped down and bilaterally compromised that they will do only the check-ups process as they do every year. Neverthless, commander in chief of NaSaKa Head Quarter at Kyi Kan Pyin village tract (Kawarbil) on Sunday 6th January, had cautioned the Rohingya in Kyein Chaung village tract (Boli Bazar) that the on going census check-up process is not enough_we must participate in the computerised degital operation which will be launched again soon.

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