Sunday, February 3, 2013

Two Rohingya arrested in Northern Maungdaw

On 2nd February at 9pm, Lieutenant commander of NaSaKa region-5 Nakura, northern Maungdaw, accompanied by ten fellow NaSaKa personnels raided two Rohingya's home in Aukpuma (Kansae Bil)  and arrested ZaKariya s/o Noor Ahmed (52yrs) and his nephew Md Osman s/o Sayad-ul Amin (21yrs) under no commitment of criminal act.
They soon after raiding, had looked for Md Rafiq s/o Abolu hailed from Zee Pyin Chaung (Jeemaung Khali) under village tract of Lett Ya, who used to stay in his father-in-law Zakaria's home. However as he was not found coincidentally, they began destructively investigating everything in the home to find if there was any unlawful commitment. When this didn't help them penalize the two homes, they then turned blind eyes to hols Zakariya on behalf of son-in-law. And Osman was held simply because they found an oversea's mobile number on his pocket. They victims are still under detention in the NaSaKa custody in Ngakura.

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